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"Sa Cardiga e su Pisci"

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Our restaurant "SA CARDIGA E SU PISCI"

It all began like this:

In 1979 Franco Massessi was walking through the lovely myrtle bushes and the luxuriant mastic trees in the Costa Rei hills, the autumn colours blending harmoniously as if in a painting, when he suddenly started and decided in a very few and intense instants that that corner of earthly paradise would be his home forever.

Sa Cardiga e su Pisci

In March 1980, Franco and his wife Anna, taken by a moment of ordinary madness, decided to invest their hard-earned savings in the purchase of a restaurant. The first difficulty the couple had was in choosing a name to give to this new-born restaurant…..in the end they chose "Sa Cardiga e su Pisci" (Sardinian for "The Grill and the Fish"), a demanding name, but one that obviously stood for the intention to develop a simple, high quality cuisine, together with an unaffected sense of courtesy to make a solid marriage between nature and hospitality. Franco and Anna divided the jobs, Franco's charisma in the dining- room and Anna's cooking expertise in preparing succulent dishes. When they started their two children, Michele and Federica, were very young, but as time passed they cleverly followed in their parent's footsteps and became an active part of the restaurant. And today they have the collaboration of their spouses, Katia and Thomas. The reward for this hard labour wasn't late in coming and in 1986 Sa Cardiga e su Pisci had its 'consecration' when it was counted in the most important gastronomic guides.

The cuisine

What makes our cuisine special is the careful selection of products, thanks to Franco's experience. He faithfully goes early every morning to visit local fishermen friends on the Sarrubus coasts. Fish specialities, enhancing the fragrance of the sea and our Island's traditions, are the basis of the extensive menu but you can also taste great international cooking. The ideal banquet for all occasions charms the table guests by opening with a symphony of mixed seafood starters, followed by delicately flavoured first courses such as 'Risotto alla Pescatora' ( a fisherman's rice dish) and Spaghetti with Clams and Salted Fish Roe. For second course there is the unfailing mixed fried fish and, for the hard to please, the choice Catalan Lobster ( strictly local from our coasts) And finally, for the gluttonous, heedless of diets, the Sardinian dessert par excellence is 'la Sebadas' with the contrasting flavours of cheese and 'Corbezzolo' (arbutus berry) honey. All accompanied pleasantly by the most renowned regional wines (our Wine List is noteworthy) and by Sardinia's refined Myrtle